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Single Tooth Anesthesia

Author: Wow Administrator/Thursday, June 6, 2013/Categories: Dental Technology

For several years we have used the Wand to comfortably deliver anesthetic to our patients. Now there is a new generation of the Wand called the STA System. STA stands for single tooth anesthesia and it allows us to painlessly get a single tooth numb without getting the lips, tongue, and cheeks numb.

The STA System is a state-of-the-art computer controlled delivery system that gently senses and controls the amount of pressure needed to place the proper amount of anesthetic along the root surface. This allows us to get the individual tooth we will be working on profoundly numb without all the excess anesthetic that causes the numbness in the surrounding tissue such as the lips, tongue, and cheeks. Imagine being able to have a crown done in a single visit and to walk out of the office with no feeling of numbness.

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