Mini Implants


Mini Implants are radically changing the way leading edge dentists are replacing missing teeth and stabilizing loose dentures. The true beauty of the mini implant system is that the patient comes out the winner in the three areas that patients worry about the most when visiting the dentist- Comfort, Cost, and Time.

Comfort - Mini implants are much less invasive than standard implants. The procedure to place a mini implant does not involve surgery and patients have reported either very mild or no discomfort at all the next day.

Cost - The fee for a mini implant is a little less than half the fee of a standard implant. There is also cost savings because the mini implants usually don’t require a special “abutment” which would require an additional fee.

Time - The time requirement is the most amazing part of the mini implant experience. Mini implants can have a crown attached to them or a denture secured to them on the same day that they are placed. Standard implants often require 4-6 months of healing and sometimes a second surgery before the tooth or teeth can be attached.

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