What Is A Mini Implant?

A mini implant is essentially a surgical grade titanium screw with a ball on top which gets threaded into the jaw and will integrate (fuse) with the bone to create a rock solid connection between the jawbone and the implant. One way that a mini implant differs from a standard dental implant is the diameter of the implant. Minis are 1.8 mm to 2.9 mm wide while standard implants are above 3.0 mm and up to 6 mm wide. Another key difference is that minis are a solid piece of titanium whereas standard implants are hollow on the inside to allow for placement of a screw or abutment down into the implant. Because the minis are solid they have about the same amount of strength as the wider but hollow standard implants. The final main difference is that mini implants are pointed like a screw whereas standard implants a blunt ended like a bolt. The pointed tip and threads on the mini implant allow the implant to engage the bone as it is placed (like a screw in a two by four) and it becomes very solid and retentive right from the start.

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