No Shots, No Drills, No Pain

The PowerLase AT laser has a unique wavelength that has an affinity for water and tooth enamel. The laser does not even touch the tooth. The light energy which pulses very rapidly energizes the water spray and allows the laser to cut away tooth structure very quickly and precisely without being able to feel any pain. We can't use the laser for every single filling (we can't remove metal fillings with it) but in many situations the laser can be used without the need for anesthetics or the drill.

One of the things that patients dislike the most about having dental work done is the numb feeling when they leave the office that can last for several hours. With laser dentistry, not only can we do many fillings without the shot or the drill but it is so nice for the patient to get out of the chair and have no numbness.

This video clip shows how quickly and easily the PowerLase AT can essentially wash away decayed tooth structure. The procedure is painless and no anesthetic was needed.

Lares Class V R02 - Colonna from Lares Dental on Vimeo.

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