Single Appointment Crowns


Powerful computer aided design technology called CAD/CAM has come to dentistry in the CEREC machine. CEREC allows us to custom fabricate tooth-colored restorations, onlays, and crowns right here in our office in a single appointment.

The Procedure

The first step in making a CEREC crown is to prepare and shape the tooth just like a normal two appointment crown. From then on everything is different and much more efficient. Instead of taking an impression, we apply reflective powder to the tooth and take a digital image using a special infrared camera. This image records the tooth’s exact dimensions directly into the CAD/CAM computer.

After we carefully design the crown on the computer, we select the appropriate sized ceramic block of the proper shade for your specific tooth. This block is placed into the milling machine which shapes it into a very precise, custom-fitted crown in a matter of ten or fifteen minutes.

We then try on the crown, bond it into place using a very strong light-cured adhesive, make any necessary slight adjustments, and then polish it to a beautiful luster. The whole procedure takes about an hour and you walk out of the office with a beautiful new crown.

The Advantages

  • CEREC crowns are more convenient for you because you won’t have to come back for a second visit and you won’t have to wear a temporary crown in your mouth for several weeks.
  • CEREC crowns are much less likely to be sensitive to chewing or to cold temperatures after they are completed. This is due to the nature of the bio compatible material and the superior adhesives that are used in the bonding process.
  • Patients constantly tell us that their new CEREC crowns feel just like their natural teeth, not like a regular crown.

Dr. Beadling has been utilizing CEREC technology since 1999, longer than any dentist in the Kalamazoo area and he has placed over 2500 CEREC restorations in that time period.

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