Partial Dentures

There are many ways to replace missing teeth including implants, bridges, and removable partial dentures. Partial dentures are a relatively inexpensive and non-invasive way to replace multiple teeth at once.

Valplast Partials Give You A Metal-Free Appearance

There are several types of partial dentures and Dr. Beadling will help you decide the best option for your particular needs. An exciting new material called Valplast is a lightweight, flexible, yet unbreakable resin that gently clips into your mouth around your existing teeth and replaces any missing teeth that you might have.

Valplast was developed specifically to provide the precision fit and strength needed for the fabrication of metal-free partial dentures. It also has a gentle feel and a more secure fit. If you have missing teeth, ask us if a Valplast Partial will work for you.

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